New tuition student & out-of-zone placement application (For 2017-18 ONLY)
Complete this application to 
1.)    Apply for a NEW out-of-zone placement for your elementary student. This means your child is zoned for Elizabethton elementary schools, but you want him or her to attend a different Elizabethton elementary school.
2.)   Apply for your child to attend Elizabethton City Schools as a NEW tuition-paying student because you, the parent or legal guardian, are not a resident of Elizabethton. 

You will need a current email address to complete this application, and you will receive a confirmation email once you submit the application.

This online application replaces the lottery drawing for new applicants for tuition or out-of-zone status. Parents of returning tuition or out-of-zone students do not need to use this application. Applicants in the Cyclone Connection will be given priority placement based on the order in which they apply and other factors, such as having a parent who is a teacher in the system. This application does not guarantee your child a space in Elizabethton City Schools, but it does hold his or her place in line for available spaces. 

A separate application must be completed for each new tuition student or out-of-zone request.

High School applicants must meet the guidelines stated in Board Policy 6.204, which states any tuition student must be in academic “good-standing” and “on track” to graduate. Your tuition status may be revoked based on failure to submit tuition payment or failure to meet the requirements of Board Policy 6.204. Thank you for your application to Elizabethton City Schools.
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Tuition students are those whose parents or guardians do not live within Elizabethton city limits, but who wish to attend Elizabethton City Schools as tuition-paying students.

Out-of-Zone placement requests may be made by parents for students who are zoned for an Elizabethton elementary school but wish to attend a different Elizabethton elementary school.

Select {{answer_41622515}}'s grade level for the 2017-18 school year *

Select {{answer_41622515}}'s grade level for the 2017-18 school year *

Rank the following schools according to your preference: East Side Elementary, Harold McCormick Elementary, West Side Elementary. *

The first school should be your first choice and the third school should be your third choice. If you do not wish to apply for more than one school, simply do not list any schools other than your first choice.
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Does {{answer_41622515}} have siblings currently enrolled in Elizabethton City Schools? *

Please provide the full name(s) of {{answer_41622515}}'s sibling(s) enrolled in ECS.

Which school will {{answer_41627830}} attend in the 2017-18 school year? *

Enter the name and address of the school {{answer_41622515}} attended in the 2016-17 school year. *

Thank you for your application! You will receive an email confirmation.  If you are applying for new tuition or out-of-zone status for multiple students, you should complete a separate application for each. With questions, call Central Office at 423-547-8000.
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